Extreme 50mm Drivers

Advanced 50mm drivers delivers staggering bass, clear highs and dynamic range for gamers to enjoy the game to the max!

1 492X363


2 492X363

Featherweight Headband

The featherweight EROS ELITE STEREOs’ plush leather is specially designed for advanced comfy feeling for intensive gameplay!


Flexible Mic arm

Microphone arm can bend in any direction for personalized usage.

3 492X363


4 492X363

Cooling Structure

The built-in cooling structure provide maximum comfort even on prolonged gaming sessions.


Exchangeable Ear Pads

The exchangeable and 60% memory foam ear pads are aim to provide gamers extreme gaming experience.

5 492X363


6 492X363

Compatible with PS4

Easy to connect with your friends and teammates during gameplay.



"Quick and efficient"

The EROS ELITE STEREO hosts powerful 50mm NdFeB drivers to enhance game immersion. The gilded 3.5mm stereo plug fits perfectly into your PS4 controller or Windows 10 system.


  • Updraded 50mm driver unit
  • Compatible with PS4
  • Cooling Structure
  • Exchangeable Ear Pads
  • Flexible Mic arm
  • Featherweight Headband


Sensitivity 108dB + / - 3 dB at 1 kHz
Impedance 32 Ohm + / - 15%
Driver diameter 50mm
Driver Magnet NdFeB
Microphone Size 6.0 * 2.5mm(Removable)
Microphone Sensitivity -58db±3db
Microphone Pick up Pattern Unidirectional
Vibration Unit Size Cable Length 1.2m + / - 3cm
Extended Y cable length 1.6m
Plug Type Gold-plated 3.5mm mic/audio plug (CTIA)
Extended Y cable plug type Gold-plated 3.5mm mic plug and audio plug
Dimension (L x W x H) 220 x 170 x 109mm
Model No. GHS3600